Exhibition – Violin making

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« I’ve always been interested in hands in general, and when I’m behind my camera, this seems even more justified: all these movements which give birth to the texture, sounds, images … Everything comes from the hands.I decided to do a series of photographs on the subject, and, being a musician myself, I naturally turned to violin and bow making. I want to thank the workshop of Gennevilliers (G. Chitto, A. Laulhere, P. Grunberg) for having played the game, and worked for hours while I turned around them to try to capture those fleeting moments when their hands seemed to give birth not only to the instruments they were working on, but also to the music that would eventually come out of them, those moments when materials are mixed, and when you can’t distinguish the wood from the hands.
I tried to show some frozen movements, only a few, very few amongst thousands of others that we do with our hands every day, and that make us all so different. I tried to show the beauty that small gestures can contain.

Marion Chaix